Crewe Adaptor


Designed to enable the transition from a Standard (PCC or GRP) catch-pit to Narrow (Matisa PCC or Narrow Derby GRP), Crewe adaptors are ideally suited for locations where obstructions are experienced at ground level, such as a trough route, resulting in the need to reduce the footprint of the catch-pit chamber.

Crewe Adaptors are: 

  1. Manufactured from PE100 High Density Polyethylene. 
  2. Suitable for use with traditional precast concrete (PCC) catch-pit frames.
  3. Suitable for use with lightweight Derby GRP catch-pit frames.
  4. Can be used to switch between PCC and GRP in the same catch-pit.


NOTE: Crewe Adaptors must NOT be used to facilitate the installation of track over catch-pits/ catch-pits under track. 

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